What I have noticed

For the past three months, I have been working on a invitation list for the inauguration of our new president at the university. As of today, we have over 700 names of higher education leadership individual, community leaders, and some others.

What I have noticed upon all my research is that, no matter how easy we say the internet is, it really isn’t.

When researching higher education leadership individuals, such as presidents or chancellors, I have found I have to go through pages and pages on a university’s website, just to get a name…getting an address is a whole other issue. Most of the time I just give up and call the university’s toll-free number. However, these are usually student workers (such as myself) answering the phones and they always laugh when I ask for a mailing address or say, “check our website.” Why don’t they have information readily available on the internet. Possibly because they don’t want anyone to have it.

Another thing I have noticed is higher education websites are all NOT the same. Take for example, Vassar College in New York. Their landing page looks so beautiful. My first thought was “wow, this is an elegant school.” Then I clicked on “About” on the top right hand corner, and it went to a very girly looking landing page. Just to see what happened, I back tracked, and tried to go through their “Info & Resources” and again, it is nothing like the first landing page, although a lot better than the “About” page. What really surprised me is the President’s page. After going through several clicks, I found this page. IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ANY OF THE OTHER PAGES ASSOCIATED TO THE COLLEGE!

So the moral of this, keep your content consist and easy to find.


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