Privacy Settings for Family

I am very blessed to have such a caring family. And such a large family. They always want the best for me and I know I can turn to them for anything.

However, I have noticed through my friend’s postings on Facebook and Twitter and some of my own experiences in the past, nothing is private from your family anymore. You post one word and the entire family (in my case) knows.

Facebook is always changing their privacy settings, but I wonder, would it be in the interest of Facebook and its users to have a “Family Privacy Setting?” I mean think about it, you could click a button and your entire family does not need to find out about that guy/girl you met at the bar last night (although you shouldn’t publish it to begin with). Or in my case, my family does not need to know how obsessed I am with Justin Timberlake.

I’ll admit, I have blocked certain people from seeing all my posts and photos (like my mom) because I don’t want the “You shouldn’t even have a Facebook” conversation (when I want to work in social media, nice try). Some might say, “why do you even accept your family as friends on Facebook?” Again I am trying to avoid the, “You are embarrassed to admit you know me” conversation.

Anyway, with all the changes in privacy settings, it may be beneficial to the world of users on the internet to have that private place where family can’t find you.


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